About Us

Engineering Outfitters was founded in the summer of 2016 by a couple of college students who wanted some awesome shirts to show off their profession, Engineering! The students searched and searched online, but found only a few shirts for their field of study. While they realized that while they had 3 or 4 designs to choose from (which were okay at best), they found that other engineering disciplines did not have any shirts to choose from and thus Engineering Outfitters was created!

Our mission is to create a wide offering of customizable apparel for engineers to wear proudly like a badge of honor. We know that being an engineer can be difficult at times, but we know first-hand about the pride that comes after solving a challenging project, creating a spectacular invention, or envisioning the next world-changing idea. 

We're not saying engineering is easy (not by a mile), but we are proud of our professions and we want other engineers to be as well. We hope that every engineer has a T-shirt, hoodie, tank top, or otherwise to remind them that they have overcome the hurdles and have come out on top. Whether you are a previous, current, or future engineer, we salute you, thank you for your contributions, and welcome you to Engineering Outfitters, where our products are made by Engineers, for Engineers!